Unbiased independent advice – doesn’t really exist?

There is always loads of opinions out there from many different sources about what’s right, what’s wrong.

When we used to do promo seminars, one of the things we used to talk about was the motivation of others.

You have those people around you who will try to talk you out of doing any kind of wealth creation seminar because they think that its scam and that you may get taken advantage of. Why would they even share this when they should see that if you do make a goal that you could do very well and make a lot of money. The answer that is quite simple they care about you and don’t want to see you get hurt. So they try to talk you out of it, they will tell you about so-and-so down the road who lost all their money doing one of these things, or they read on the Internet that it’s all scanned them they are just there to rip you off, all that they’ve never heard of it so it must be illegal and so on and so forth. While in some cases, they are right. But in most cases they probably are not. Their motivation as your family or friends closest to you is that they want to protect you from being hurt. This we can understand, and even thank them very much for it.

Motivation behind Newspapers selling you the News – Advertising space is dearer if the readership is up

Your favorite TV shows – Good ratings mean higher cost per second for advertising….

The next group of people that we need to be concerned about are those that are telling us that we can or cannot do this particular thing because in their opinion it is right or wrong. Down the bottom of the page will be a link to their website in which they will tell you about the best ever program that exists on the face of the earth that will make sure that you do not get ripped off if you just pay them.

More over, they will create confusion and fear; they will tell you that you need to have something that only they can provide. They will be very good at telling you need it and you will be led to a website to buy the product that will save your ass, because at the moment it is exposed.  They use references to ‘facts’ that don’t always apply, but could if you read it a certain way.

I find it very frustrating that people with motivations will sew all sorts of seeds discontent, create confusion and fear using their words to make you think that they are there for you and are only doing it for your best interest. But are they, is the product they are offering necessary, is it really anything different the new have been given before, or is it just a very cleverly written product that is just the same. Are they selling seeds of fear to sell you something. I daresay that if their message is one creating fear and confusion about any topic, then they tell you that they have the perfect product to solve this problem, they were the ones creating the problem in the first place and their product is not really necessary.


Analyze everything, don’t jump into anything.



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