Positive Cash Flow from Day 1

with the Siacci System For Vendor Finance

“Work through the material and you’ll very quickly see how easily it is to create monthly cashflow with the Siacci Systems ongoing support”
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The Siacci System….


As property investors the most valuable piece of information that we can possible share with you , information that until we ‘worked’ out what the big property investors knew that we did not….

Is that there is Property Investing where you buy a property and ‘buy, hold and hope’ it works and there is Property Investing where you take control and ‘make’ it work for you.

We mean that literally. 

Creating money/ wealth in real estate is not just in the ownership it is also in the control.


With the Siacci System we will show you how, through real estate you can begin to generate wealth and create change in your life ‘if you want it !’.

The Home Study Course is THE course that gets you started….

“A step by step guide nothing left out, no missing steps or information omitted to keep you coming back to pay more”.

The ‘Siacci System’ of Investing will change the way you view property transactions for ever. 


Rule 1: if your going to learn from someone make sure they are Property Investors in the streets TODAY.


Not USED to be’s!!! The wealth of information from a mentor needs to be CURRENT – EVERYDAY!!!

If you’re a property Investor already you Cannot afford NOT to get involved with what we can show you about property! So unless you have a never ending bank balance then this is for you!!!

We’ll show you how .

If you WANT to be a property investor and are having trouble getting started, the this is for you!!!


We are going to show you how much money

you DON’T need to have to invest in Real Estate.

So how much money DON’T you need ?

To buy a $400,000 property you need…

20% deposit $80,000

stamp duty $ 18,000

legals 4% $1500

if you want to do a reno just keep adding up the $$$$$

You don’t have to Einstein to work out you need a load of cash PLUS be able to get a loan from the bank AND show you can afford it!

What if you could do it with just $20,000 would that be a bonus or what??!!

Have we got your attention now ????????
We can show you deal after deal after deal of houses we have ‘taken control of’ with less that $10,000 and then turned a profit.


So Rule #2 Don’t put in a big deposit if you don’t have to!

SO………..Who are the Siacci’s???

 25 years ago We started on a journey with one simple desire – to have more.

 Both from working class families and with no university education, we were determined to find a better life for ourselves and our young family. Through tenacity and hard work, we built a small property portfolio but soon came to the point where the banks said “No more”.

We started off in typical fashion, going along fine on the negative-gearing path, thinking we were on the way to wealth creation until that life-changing day where we went to the bank to borrow more money for another investment… and the bank said, “No”.

We were shattered and we thought out wealth creation dreams had gone up in smoke.

We then had two choices…

To simply accept what the bank had told us, go back home and live a life of quiet desperation in the hope that our portfolio would pay off in 20 years.

Sound like someone you know?????

Or… Find a solution to continue to invest and make money through real estate, without the banks.

Without being  controlled by the banks everytime???

Yes, that’s right. Imagine being able to invest in real estate and create positive cash flow without the need for banks every time.

What we discovered was not what we expected… It was BETTER than that. We stumbled upon a style of investing ‘without the need for a bank loan every time’ but the bonus was we could create positive cash flow from real estate we controlled – from day 1!!

As property investors that already had a start in the property investing world, to us the banks became an instant and massive hand brake that we didn’t see coming.

The story that we hear time and time again from people that we talk to is that ‘we just can’t get started!’ With massive deposits that are now required, the need for impeccable work record and the all elusive absolutely no blemishes clean credit report, property investing isn’t about being successful its about just getting started.

We had to dig deep to find and develop our own system of Vendor Finance Real Estate, which helped us grow our portfolio.

The system that we have nurtured  over the previous 20 years has for us, become a successful system of property investing.

We’ve invested when interest rates were HIGH … and when they were LOW. When banks WEREN’T lending money … and when they virtually giving it away. In DOWN cycles … and in UP cycles. We’ve been through the lot. Now, who do YOU think is going to be able to give you the best advice on how to create positive cash flow real estate right now?

 The Siacci System for Real Estate has allowed us to quit our jobs as a train driver and a nurse and concentrate on our property business. 

 So what we would like to share with you is what we did, the way we did it and more importantly how we did it. As we still do today!

This very different approach to Property Investing is something you definitely need to know if property is your ‘thing’.

I guarantee you that once you hear what we have to say you will never be able to look back . You will look at property investing in an entirely new light.

Some things you cant take back!

In our Home Study Course we will lead you through ‘our system’ so you can follow in our footsteps and create your own path.  Using clear and easy to understand language, we set out the procedures and processes for creating a positive cash flow portfolio of Vendor Finance Real Estate to enhance your existing portfolio or help you create one.

 No matter where you are in life, The Siacci System for Vendor Finance Real Estate will help you the with knowledge and the skills to create a better portfolio. 

 So you want to invest…..But you know you need a step by step program THAT WORKS!


Whether you’re new to property investing, a seasoned pro or somewhere in the middle, we’ll show you how to make positive cash flow in today’s market and not have to go far from home.

With how we ‘do’ real estate, the cashflow is created not found!

Today,  very rarely invest the old fashioned way, (the way that 99% of investors still do), we have a formula that is so much more effective and smarter… and when you spend some time with us, you will have access to that exact same system.

Our mentoring program is about us filling in the gaps between real estate investing, as you know it, applying our system and creating real change in your lives.

When we originally applied Vendor Finance to our real estate portfolio it opened up a whole new world. It gave us the ability to move forward when the opportunity arose not just when the ‘banking system’ said we could.

The bank told us ‘no more bank loans’ years ago, so instead of just stopping, we chose a different path.

In making the decision to become our students, with this system of real estate’ we will be hand holding you through our style of Property Investing.

This is about creating freedom for yourself, your family and taking back your life so that you can live it.

 So what’s in the program?

The program is laid out in modules so you can work step , by step through each one ask questions and out it all into action AS YOU GO …

We have had 25 years of property investing to fine tune what we deliver to you

Negative gearing is a thing of the past if that is what you want or more importantly ‘is what you need’! Negative gearing is a dangerous strategy. Things go wrong. Things you don’t plan for …. We have all heard stories of people drowning financially because of their ‘rental property’!

When you get to the end of this HSC program you will have all the knowledge you NEED to go out , put it into practice NOW to create your new Cash Flow Positive Property Portfolio.

The single defining motivation for us when we initially went down this path was when we had half dozen rental properties , everyone kept telling us how well we were doing yet quietly we were the poorest ‘rich’ people we knew!

But David kept saying “there is money /wealth to be made in real Estate. We know this. There has to be a way to get it out now and not 20 years from now. Surely wealth creation is about how it benefits you NOW as well as LATER ( in your retirement).

The formula we work on now, knowing how to create positive cashflow from Day 1 is this

Let your positive cashflow houses pay for your ‘buy and hold’ houses that you have to look after you ‘later’

The benefit- the money you earn at work is now not going into propping up your Negative geared properties but allowing you the freedom to spend your pay on ……

(this is where your goals come in ) …. Holidays, new car, reno on you house OR going part time on your job so you can do more properties and create more cashflow so that just maybe , you can flick your job forever- as we did !

Dave is an EX train driver and I am an EX nurse!!!

If we can can do it you SO CAN AS WELL!

So whats actually in the program?

Property Investing can be broken up into 2 Sections

  1. Buying Property
  2. Selling property

Knowing when to buy and when to sell is absolutely the most talked topic for property Investors

 Goals setting  has been flogged long and hard by everyone BUT IT IS ESSENTIAL So we will run you through a very short highlight of what you need to do and where to go to get it if you feel that you need it.

Working out what you need, to give you the future you are looking for, Building a large property portfolio that produces cash now

There are few ‘tools’ we teach you to use to enable you to ‘acquire control‘ your next property WITHOUT getting a bank loan. Remember what we said about you can still make money from Real Estate WITHOUT owning it.

Property Acquisition Strategies that you never dreamed of!!


This control paperwork is not something new – not by a long shot! Like most things it is not about trying to re invent the wheel but more about using it and adapting it to our current needs in the current market.

Vendor Finance was used  for well over a hundred years as THE way to buy property until the Banks got on the band wagon in the 1970’s and realised how much money could be made from Home Loans. It never stopped being used though it just stopped being the most popular way to transact Real Estate.

The use of Vendor Finance is a legal way to purchase and sell property in all states of Australia (- except in South Australia which has extremely tight and virtually impossible guidelines)

It is a System of buying Real estate is even in the Census where Question 56 was ’Is this dwelling being purchased under a rent/buy type scheme?

Creating a constant cash flow stream

We all know that buying a house costs more than renting it. Therefore it follows that if you put someone in your house that is buying it rather than renting it you are going to have more cash flow .

Well just suppose that you had a few ‘cash flow’ houses that made enough money to support your long term Investment strategy House that you want for the long term Capital growth???

No more working overtime or taking all your extra cash just to pay you’re your negative geared property.


So Rule #3

Make your Properties Pay for themselves


No more propping them up! How much is this going to make to your lifestyle- you can see how we are getting you on track to claw back your life style

“ Converting negative to positive and the benefits”

Its not to late to turn your negative geared property into a positive cashflow one. We will step you through the entire process on how to do this , how to do ‘your homework’ work through the numbers and you will certainly be surprised how much cash flow you can really make off an existing negatively geared property

Well show you the houses we have done this with and the numbers so you can see for yourself….

All the Houses we show you are Real Deals!

The average Positive Cash Flow we achieve from a house is these days is around $500 to $800 /month Sometimes more sometimes a little less.

There tools we use to achieve this…

This is not what you have heard about where to go to ‘find’ positive cashflow properties before.

We dont look for properties somewhere west of the back of Bourke or in the very unpredictable Mining towns


We don’t find Cashflow Properties we CREATE the cash flow. Most of our houses are within a 30 min drive from where we live!!

They are just average suburban houses in normal suburban areas.

We teach you how to work out where to go and where to definatley NOT to go

We Don’t tell you the suburb we teach you the skill to work it out…and again its not hard you just don’t know yet

What are they , how they can be used for buy and holds as well as cash flow strategies

Controlling property without the banks ,

Buying without a deposit

Flipping with a twist ( control then sell VS buy then sell)

This is one of the most powerfull strategies you will ever learn so we’ll make this a rule as well!

If your intention is to sell the house for a profit in the short term then




So instead of buying a house (with all the big money required) try it our way

  1. Control (not buy) cheap then sell for a profit – No Bank Loan , No deposit, No stamp duty No Banks!
  1. Control (not buy) , Reno then Sell – No Bank Loan , no deposit, No stamp duty No Banks!
  1. Control, Reno then keep it for rental and maybe buy it later.

The house is worth more and now you get more in rent.

You can afford to do the reno because you didn’t need to drop $100,000 for the deposit and fees


4. Vendor Finance to Control then Sell on Vendor Finance for Cashflow


Using VF for building your wealth portfolio.

The facts here are simple , if you don’t have to put up a big deposit, qualify for a bank loan (with all its serviceability issues), pay for Stamp Duty and other acquisition costs, then  you don’t have to be Einstein to work out that you can build your Property Portfolio faster.

When we started out it took us 10 YEARS to build a portfolio of 6 negative cashflow houses and it was financially killing us!

Using our new Property Acquisition skills we then acquired another 6 house in just 18 months!!! 

So whats next??

The next logical step is to show you how to Source properties suitable for cashflow


We cover the How to, who with, when to , where to and why?

Where to look and why…

How to do this and with who…

When – is there a right and wrong time to buy (acquire) Real Estate???

We have played around in real estate for the last 25 years.

Remember: We’ve invested when interest rates were HIGH … and when they were LOW. When banks WEREN’T lending money … and when they virtually giving it away. In DOWN cycles … and in UP cycles.


Joint Ventures 

These would have to be Singularly THE most under used tool for property Investors Vendor Finance or not!
If you haven’t got ALL that is required to acquire your next property, then why not look at what you HAVENT got , find someone who has that missing bit and do something together. We have always said ;

Half the pie is better than no pie at all!!!

Which means that for all of you that have been saying, I really want to get into real Estate BUT…

I cant afford it….

I cant support it…

I cant find it…

I’m too old to get started…

I’m to young to get started …

Banks wont give me a loan anyway….

I haven’t got a regular job so whats the point….



They are now just excuses are all gone as of NOW!!

If Cashflow is what it is about for you , then renting the house out or selling for a quick profit isn’t necessarily the answer .

We’ve all heard the line


All good businesses needs cashflow. To achieve this you dont want a tenant for your house, you want a Buyer for your house. A Buyer  will pay you more for being in the house than a tenant will, of course, because they are going to buy it!

So how much more ???

Case Study:

4 bed, 2 bath x2 car garage in the suburbs went from

$1000 /month NEGATIVE to $785/month POSITIVE cashflow in 2012.

So if your going to put someone in your house you need to know what due diligence to do …


Due diligence with Vendor Terms (buyers)


Picking the right buyer is paramount and we walk you through it step by step.

Where to find the right type of buyer

The questions you need to ask and How to ask to make sure you get motivated buyers that don’t waste your time

What to look for in a buyer

Can they afford it, do they want ot bad enough t fight for are they able to eventually get their own finance down the track

Its just about knowing WHAT to ask, and that’s what you have us for

The same as with tenants that sometimes don’t pay, your buyers sometimes don’t pay or rather don’t pay on time We teach you how to Manage this situation

So many people panic when things go wrong, not because things go wrong but because they don’t have the answers or know where to get the answers

That’s why we are here!

Or you can get your Vendor Finance Property managed by a specialist Vendor Finance Management Company that does what it does best -Properly manage your property


‘House Sales’ Directly form the Seller or to buyer means you have to know how to find them


Advertising – the keystone to promoting any business. You certainly don’t need a massive budget for this either

You don’t need a big budget to start Investing in real Estate TODAY

You may have heard people talk about Vendor Finance and that you now need a licence

Well the answer is Yes and No

SOME areas of what we do require licencing so we go through this with you and what IS actually needed . Its not as bad as you think, many people think it is a good thing.


Many areas of what we do require NO licencing


What is important is that you know what needs a licence and what you do does not need a licence That’s what we are here for !

Australian Credit licence ( if you do a particular type of Vendor Finance )– but we’ll set you straight. There are many other options with Vendor Finance that do not require a licence so DON’T be scared off …and we’ll show you how

Turnover for cash

Or buy and hold for wealth

Momentum of money

Why sometimes is not about the cashflow but the back end profit!

Where is the money in your deals

One of our students once said to us- “just when I thought that I had nailed the deal you go and come up with more ways of doing the deal. “

You have to know where the money is! There is probably very little chance of putting together a bad deal but certainly more than one way of doing a good deal but we are here to make it a GREAT deal if its possible.

 Why a Home Study Program rather than a live event?

 Live events are great, they are a lot of fun.

The atmosphere is fantastic but the’re set up to up-sell you into the next program- that’s a fact!


 There is so much information that gets delivered in a 3 day training that you will quickly forget or your brain will go into overload and you will be unable to absorb any more after the first couple of hours

 We have run 3Day Live trainings and even with audios of the event ( which sound good but that’s about all) you just don’t know where to pick up on the content you need !

Other peoples recordings of live events are ‘unedited’ which means the information you go looking for is just lost in hours and hours of recordings

 Another look at what you’re going to get …and learn!

 Complete Home Study program

 * Manual 1: Fixing the now

 * Manual 2: Property Acquisition

 * Manual 3: Systems and Processes

 * Manual 4: Legal Paperwork* and Forms

 Bonus#1 Comprehensive Q & A Booklet

 Bonus #2 Videos of a 3 Day training Session

Bonus #3 : Live training Work book manual

* Email Support full 12 Months unlimited access

    • Monthly Webinars this is where we keep you up to date with changes in the market and areas that we recap and build on your current knowledge of different topics.
    • This way your learning does not stop…

 It’s Just $2995!!!



Hit BUY NOW to get your Copy Now!!

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